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Chief Creative Officer


Walter, known in custom figure circles as, "Hammer of the Gods" is the creator of the HOTG Universe.  As CCO, Walter combines his lifetime passion for action figures and 20+ years of advertising and marketing experience.  He is responsible for character concepts, figure design/build, and script writing.


I’m a child of the 80s – a time where toys and media were fused together in perfect harmony. Toy properties like Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe and Transformers etched themselves into our young minds...and stayed with many of us into our adult lives, where we helped pass the brands on to our children. But these were kids brands that, for the most part, have remained kids brands – HOTG is a kids brand for grown folks.


Despite my love for 80s toys and the media surrounding them, I've always harbored thoughts of what I'd have done differently - embellishing certain design details or altering character personalities and interactions. As an adult, I finally have the resources and artistic skills to give that inner 8-year-old what he always wanted: a barbaric fantasy toy and comic universe, representing a  grand mashup of all my genre loves, in one nostalgic cocktail. It’s a pulpy, savage fairy tale with hints of Afro-futurism, science fiction and a bit of blacksploitation (just to be cheeky). I wanted my characters to live in a world that was inspired by various genres but not confined to them. And since I was in charge, why not have it all revolve around a powerful, Black protagonist? 


Our mission is to give adult fans of 80s toys new, more mature figures and media, that recognize the audience has grown up. It’s a passion project that I’ve spent close to 3 years building and we are finally offering our first figures and comics. If you're new to HOTG, it’s a great time to get on board - if you’re a loyal “Hammer-Head” who’s been following us for a while, your passion and support are about to be rewarded.


Walter Harris

Hammer of the Gods Toys, CCO

Walter Harris
Justin Volpe

Collaborative Partner


Justin, known as, "POPprolific" is an East Coast toy designer, experienced caster and valued collaborative partner of HOTGToys.  Our combined creative sensibilities and complimentary skill sets make FURY FORCE possible. Follow him @POPprolific

Kate Kaufman

Operations, Mother of Dragons


Behind every good manchild, there's a patient, grown woman. Kate is behind the scenes, constantly running traps to keep us on track - kinda like a special forces level babysitter. Kate is also the owner-designer of @RareHandsBoutique.

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