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Once a proud gladiator champion, Cestus Retarius, is now known as "Punch-Out".  This title is bestowed on each warrior blessed and cursed to wield the Hammer of the Gods - a divine power gauntlet that gives its bearer the strength to rival the gods themselves! Now he strides the land, employing his might and skill to beat down evil wherever he finds it... or it finds him.

The Punch-Out figure is comprised of a ZoloWorld buck with durable 3D printed head and urethane cast limbs. The figure is sold in a collector friendly, resealable card/case and accompanied by a bonus mini-comic: "The Bearer and the Burden".


Currently sold out but YOU CAN GET ON THE WAITING LIST VIA THE LINK OFN THE PUNCH-OUT PAGE. Punch-Out marks our first step to deliver on a promise to bring you all the Hammer of the Gods characters in figure form. The redesign process for the other planned figures is already completed. Full reveals and sale dates for those figures will be sprinkled through 2018-2019.

PUNCH-OUT Bearer of the Hammer of the Gods