POPProlific and I have been talking about the need for a "better 5.5 female buck" for a long time and had a shared vision for a female that was powerful and heroic, without losing her femininity. We wanted her strong but not overly muscular, curvy and womanly but not over the top and above all, we wanted to avoid a thin, modelesque, "Barbie" feel. We were heavily inspired by Frank Frazetta's gorgeously powerful women and real-life icons like Raquel Welch, Pam Grier, Caroline Munro, and Rebecca Ferratti. And maybe the smartest thing we did was enlisting the 3D sculpting talent and feminine sensibility of industry designer/creator, Isabel Anderson. Isabel not only delivered on but elevated our vision.


  • PLEASE READ to ensure you select the best model for your needs


    There are two versions of the Nude Becca Blank:

    • V1 with trim thighs, a bit more height and larger bust
    • V2 with muscular thighs and slightly smaller bust


    We also offer two levels of finish:

    • Finished DIY blanks - $55.00 and come ready to customize (best option for beginners)
    • Raw DIY blanks - $35.00 straight from the mold with no finish (great for experienced customizers who want to save some cash)


    We can’t wait to see what gorgeous creations you make with the Becca Blank.