NEW Hammer of the Gods HELL-BATS have been unleashed! Conjured by the evil sorceror Wrath Azhul, they hunted and killed rival magic users across the world of Infinium. But the demons proved too feral and unpredictable to tame and now... driven out by the sorceror, seek new masters...


Add a HELL-BAT to your 5.5 or 6 inch figure collection - it will only cost a few coins... and your soul. Complete and ready to ship - this is a direct purchase, not a pre-order.


These firgures are custom adult collectibles. Crafted from existing parts, modified and built up to create this unique character. Each features unique hand painted details and over 10 points of articulation. Note: the knee and ankle joints have been fused in a squate pose to mimic classic 5.5 inch figures. Legs still articulate at the hip and thigh.  Packaging: Full color art card that the figure is tied to. Each Signed and numbered.

HELL-BATS Limited Edition

  • Custom figure sold as is.  Made for adult collectors and not meant for rough play.