The northern village of Reven has fallen prey to a brutal and gluttonous troll. Offerings from dwindling winter provisions keep the troll at bay – but desperation peaks when Reven's children begin to vanish. The nomadic champion, Punch-Out is summoned to quell the monster but finds the villagers may have more to fear than a hungry Troll.


98 pages of barbarian fantasy and high adventure! The team of Alan J Schell and Sam J Royale deliver glorious artwork, that looks like it lept from the animation cels of an 80s cartoon. A joyful love note and genre mashup that fans of pulp, fantasy and old-school action cartoons won't want to miss.


Written by: Walter Harris

Art and layout: Alan J. Schell

Digital color and background painting:

Sam J. Royale

Hammer of the Gods Presents: Winter of Woe