Pre-order for the full set of this new D&D tribute line is now SOLD OUT. 


If you MISSED THE PRE-ORDER, we will likely have a few complete sets for sale when we complete the pre-order run. These sets will require payment in full, up front - not the spaced out partial payments we set up for the pre-order. Price is TBD but will be a minimum of $550 + shipping. We aren't allowing folks to reserve these sets - they will be offered first come first serve when complete, to keep things fair. To keep up to date on our progress and impending sale, follow us on Facebook and Instagram at: HOTGToys


  1. Ranger -  $85
  2. Cavalier - $85
  3. Acrobat - $65
  4. Thief - $65
  5. Magician - $85

         6-8 Barbarian/Young Unicorn/Realm Master (3 pack) - $75

         9. Re-Venger - $90


While total cost for the set is $550.00, pre-order customers get to pay in installments. As each figure run is completed, you will be notified for the next payment installment that must be made to get that figure shipped. We will space out the drops to give your wallet some recovery time between figure payments.


"Children of the Realm" Pre Order

  • Figures are hand sculpted, cast and painted and feature 3 points of articulation. All six kids come with a magic weapon or garment.