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Pre-order for the full set of of this new D&D tribute line is now SOLD OUT.  For those who did place a pre-order, you have reserved your custom Ranger figure and simultaneously reserved a full set of Children of the Realm figures. While only Ranger, Barbarian, Cavalier, Acrobat and Thief are shown, the full set will also include: Magician, Young Unicorn, Realm Master and Re-Venger for a total of nine figures.


  1. Ranger -  $85
  2. Cavalier - $85
  3. Acrobat - $65
  4. Thief - $65
  5. Magician - $85

6-8 Barbarian, Young Unicorn and Realm Master (3 pack) - $75

9. Re-Venger - $90


Total cost for the set is $550.00 but you only need to pay $85 for Ranger now, to be added to the pre-order list. As each subsequent figure run is completed, you will be notified for the next payment installment that must be made to get that figure shipped. We will space out the drops to give your wallet some recovery time between figure payments.


"Children of the Realm" Pre Order

  • Figures are hand sculpted, cast and painted and feature 3 points of articulation. All six kids come with a magic weapon or garment.