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The HOTG mini-comic was developed to accompany the Punch-Out figure and created in the spirit of the pack-in comics that used to come with 80s action figures.  The original pack-in comics were more storybooks than traditional comics, providing some scope and shape to the universe the toys/characters inhabited.  They gave the broad strokes outline of a play-pattern - who's good, who's bad and what motivations drive them to the inevitable conflicts and combat that makes playing with the toys so fun?  


We have a 90+ page graphic novel on the way (details in the "Stuff We Make" section) and that story takes place deep into Punch-Out's tenure as the Hammer Bearer.  This mini-comic allowed us to showcase his origin story and set up his arch nemesis, Wrath Azhul.  Hope you enjoy this nostalgic little ride and intro into the Hammer of the Gods Toys universe!


Written by: Walter Harris

Illustrated by: Dan Brenus Spezzani



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